I’m a pie enthusiast and third year Creative Writing student at Falmouth University. I’m still learning my craft and dabble in different types of writing: fiction (short and long), essays, reviews, poetry and lyrics.

This website functions in two ways: firstly, as a space for me to showcase my work and hopefully receive constructive feedback and build an ‘online presence’, like some cyberspectre ectoplasming posts all over the web; secondly, as a blog where I can post regular entries about my thoughts, observations and actions as a human being living on earth.


2 thoughts on “About

    • Yeah, I’m really enjoying mine. There was very little creativity in my college years – wish my teachers then had been like yours in senior school! – so when I came to university it was refreshing to focus almost entirely on the creative aspect. Also it’s been a really good ratio of writing to literature studies (about 2:1) with a smattering of theory, and most of the assignments are linked so I’ve been able to apply what I’ve learnt from studying literature to my own writing. Most of all, I think it just gave me the structure and time to write and read as much as possible!


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