It seems I’m incapable of maintaining an up-to-date blog.

But, I’ll have you know I’ve been busy. Just over a month ago I started working as a copywriter and content assistant at a design agency down here in Cornwall. Four months before that, my partner and I had a baby. What little time this leaves me is usually spent taking care of the basics – cooking, eating, cleaning, washing, sleeping etc.

That’s not to say it will always be this way. Oh no. Recently, I’ve had a few ideas fluttering around my dome. I just need some time to net them, pin them and prettily present them.

The first idea for a piece is about admitting when you’re wrong. It’s about dead living skeletons whose skin stretches over bones; myth and memory; ignorance; arrogance; and shame.

The second is slightly simpler. Since starting my new job, I’ve worked on a few branding projects, which involve identifying a brand’s core values, turning those values into personality traits and figuring out how to communicate them effectively. Similar to my post on writing voice, I’m going to discuss how writers can use this process to create tone of voice guidelines for their characters, which they can then refer back to.

Rather than give away any of our fiercely-guarded secrets by giving you step-by-step instructions, I’ll offer an original example with specific explanations and analysis. It’s a technique I plan to use when I begin my first book. Each character will have their own tone of voice guideline, tailored to their personality and the way they present themselves.

Stay tuned – two new posts coming within the next six months.



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