Time Machine, Anywhere Door or Invisibility Helmet?

Anywhere door hands down.

In the prompt it is written that they’re selling these things at an electrical store, so I’ve decided to give each item a brand name and slogan: the PastMaster 3000 – ‘Time is on your side!’; the Teleportal – ‘Anywhere in an instant’; and the Evanesce Headdress – ‘Hide and go sneak’.

Sure, the PastMaster 3000 would be cool. I’ve seen a few bloggers saying they’d use it to conduct research which is a great idea, and tempting. But time machines are far too dangerous. The past is pretty darn gnarly: Wars. Brigands. Dinosaurs. Not to mention that you’d be messing with the fabric of spacetime, man – the butterfly effect and all that jazz. Time travel is fraught with peril, paradoxes and Proceratosauri. I ain’t going anywhen. No way José. No thanks Tom Hanks. I’ll stick to now.

Unlike the PastMaster, the Evanesce Headdress doesn’t have any deadly downfalls. But it pails in comparison to the Teleportal.

Boy oh boy, the possibilities! I can go ‘anywhere in an instant’, as the slogan says. How practical. No more travel times or costs: just open the door and viola! I’m at my seminar on campus (that extra twenty minutes was just enough time to do the reading). Skip the seven hour, sixty-squid train journey back to Brighton, just one step and one second and I’m back home for Xmas. I don’t need to pack, I simply go back through the door to grab clean clothes. Holidays? Easy peasy lemon squeezy. I don’t even need to book accommodation. I can travel the whole wide world for free. I can take my ninety-year old nan to Penzance to see St. Michael’s Mount one more time without worrying about the long, long journey down here.

Anyone can see the appeal of this, but as a writer it is even more exciting. I mentioned early the great idea some fellow bloggers had of time travel research. Well, if I want to write about any place anywhere on earth I can experience it firsthand. I want to write a scene set in a diner on Route 66, a Bavarian castle nestled in a mountain forest, the crumbling ruins of a lost civilisation in the Libyan sahara? I can just go there ‘… in an instant’.

‘Hello, I’d like to purchase one Teleportal, please.’

Man I want an Anywhere Door.


Daily Prompt: Pick Your Gadget


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