Greenbank Books, Interview to Come

Yesterday I interviewed Julius, the man who runs Greenbank Books in Falmouth on the old Highstreet. What was set out to be a short, fifteen minute interview turned into 36 minutes of recorded Q&A followed by another half an hour of general chat, during which Julius kindly rooted out some old books with notably beautiful bindings and covers. Amongst these was an 1844 copy of The Old Sailor’s Jolly Boat, and a copy of Robinson Crusoe that looked just as ancient to my young eyes.


(above, left to right, the title page of Robinson Crusoe with etching and the binding of Jolly Boat)

It was a wonderful interview. I was a little apprehensive as I’ve done interviews before and they can be quite awkward. But Julius was forthcoming, giving thoughtful and intelligent answers, and soon it just became a genuine conversation between a bookseller and a literature student.

Once I have written the interview out I will post it on this blog. I’ll also give Julius a copy to check before I send it off to local papers and magazines to see if they’ll publish it. Fingers crossed.


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