So, Hello.

I’m still uncertain about this whole blogging business. Does anyone really care about what I get up to? It’s a useful space to post pieces of my writing, but for these actual web-log posts about daily mundanities I can’t imagine anyone waiting eagerly for the next instalment in the story of Samuel H. Birnie. Surely no one gives a shit.

But, in case you are waiting eagerly to hear about my life (you sad case) here we go:

I moved house from Falmouth to Penryn a three bedroom strangely shaped terraced house with character and slanting wooden floors and angled walls and a working fireplace which has been set out in our contract as unusable up the road is Nemo’s fish and chips and a health food deli cafe where they have wifi we don’t have wifi in the house yet we can’t afford it across the road is Penryn library they say they have wifi everywhere on the door on laminated pages of library information all around the building but they don’t have wifi down the road is an alley that leads to a wooded area running parallel to Penryn high street alongside a small stream where the bronze fallen leaves cover the ground and are pulped by rain and boots a tree has fallen down to block the path and I keep meaning to go down with my kukri machete and hack away the branches and the leaves to make an opening but I have too much on my plate I’ve got two deadlines in two weeks and weekly work and reading unpacking and decorating and I feel tired.


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