Little Wiggle


Deadlines are approaching and I’m working hard(ish). At the moment I’m writing a presentation about reading, writing and my position as a reader/writer. This presentation is the critical assessment for the module ‘Audience & Context’ and it is the end to which this blog is the means. That does not mean that the means will end, meaning this blog will not end – the means will outlive the end.

Sorry, I’ve been having to write as clearly and concisely as I can for far too long now and it’s a welcome change to wiggle around a bit.

Anyway, I will post the presentation transcript after it’s finished & submitted. I think it’s a nice little piece on certain aspects of the reading/writing process and the writer’s role, though it’s a short presentation and I’ve been struggling to squeeze in as much as I can (hence the ‘clearly and concisely’, hence hence the wiggling).

When writing a presentation about reading, writing and one’s own position as a reader and writer, using as secondary sources writers’ writing about writing and reading, there’s only so many times one can write (or read) the words ‘read’, ‘reading’, ‘write’ and ‘writing’ before one goes a little mad. And now I’m writing about writing a presentation on writing. Wow. Mind-blowing stuff.

Right then, better get a wiggle on.


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