We sat in some forgotten field
Contently staring to the skies.
A white and floating star revealed
A shimmer in her pale eyes,
A pleasure she would soon revise.

She turned to me, her beauty bare.
I know her eyes were shining white.
With parted lips she drew in air
And we became a floating light
That reached into the empty night.

Here we lay, lost within our field.
Content, I turned to look upon
My lover, but her face revealed,
To my dismay, the glow had gone;
Her pale eyes no longer shone.

Her eyes, instead, were empty and
Fixed on the silver stars up high.
She stood, then reached out with her hand,
And stretched and strained as she did try
To pick one from the fruitful sky.

She showed me her hands were empty,
Her eyes were silver as she said,
“You have nothing to offer me,”
Through lurid lips of ruby red.
From emerald eyes, colour spread.

Her once bare face became tawdry,
With brazen hues and sapphire eyes.
I tried to pull her back to me.
Undeterred she parted her thighs;
They rushed to fill her with their lies.

She threw her head back, let out cries
Of pleasure, or possibly pain.
Licked her lips, closed her crystal eyes,
Detached her body from her brain
And revelled in what she would gain.

In that moment I saw her sink
Into the field, numb and supine.
Her final tear, I truly think,
Was something she meant to consign
To me and in it, her last shine.

She turned away, her body bare;
I know her eyes were burning gold.
With parted lips she expelled air
And screamed in her new lover’s hold.
I touched her skin and it was cold.


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